Support Package | $1000

Prenatal Support/Labor and Birth Support/Postpartum Support

Prenatal Support: This packages includes 2 to 3 visits (60-90 min each) during your prenatal period. This will include going over your birth and wishes for a healthy labor and delivery. I will provide you with evidence based support for any other questions or concerns you may have for me.

This package also includes virtual support allowing you to email me, text me, or call throughout your prenatal period.

On Call – I will be on call for you beginning two weeks before your estimated date of arrival or up until your baby is born. This will also be dependent on previous deliveries if you have had other, ie. if previous babes were born at 38 weeks then I will be on call at 37 weeks up until babe is born.

Attendance at your birth: Please see labor and birth services.

2 postpartum visits will be included in this package as well usually within the first week of baby’s birth or sooner if you request it, making sure you and your family are settled in on this new journey. Whether this is your first or your fourth baby, it is a time of tremendous change. These visits are also to ensure mom is healing well and if she chooses breastfeeding is going well.

Additional Support can be added: $30/hr.

Meal Prep & Planning Package (Prebirth) | $300

This investment will include three visits; what better way than to have your meals ready to go prior to birth! This will allow for less stress in meal prep and planning and more time for your new babe and family!

Your first visit we will go over your diet and what everyone loves in your household, make a grocery list, go through recipe ideas and choose what you would like to do, and then we PREP!..We focus on freezer meal sand crock-pot meals. 2nd visit will include meal prep. You will pick up what is required for the recipes you choose prior to our second and third visits in which I will provide you with packaging information as well. 3rd visit will also include continuation of meal prep in your home.

Additional Support can be added: $30/hr.

Extra Postpartum Care Package | $150

This will include 3 additional (60-90 min) visits. If you were feeling like you would like ongoing postpartum care and support this would be an additional package for you and your family. I will provide postpartum evidence based resources and support as needed.

Additional Support can be added: $30/hr.

Virtual Package | $100

Unlimited support via texting, phone calls, and emails postpartum up to 12 weeks postpartum.

Additional Support can be added: $30/hr.

Individual Postpartum Package | $300

This will include 6 (60-90 min) visits in your home. I will provide postpartum evidence based resources and support as needed. See postpartum services

Additional Support can be added: $30/hr.

All packages can be tailored to your individual needs. Labor and Birth will have to include the support package as I feel it is very important to be involved in your prenatal care and provide postpartum follow-up in its entirety.