Services I Offer

Free Consultation

This is a free consultation to see if we are a match! This will give us time to get acquainted and for me to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding my services. This also allows us time to meet the whole family. During this consultation, we will also discuss our next meeting which will involve your prenatal services and meal prep and planning services if you choose these services.

Prenatal Services

I will be coming to your home and meeting with you and your family in which we will go over your birth planning and support prior to labor and birth. This is to provide you with evidence-based support for you and your family to ensure that you are all ready and feeling confident and strong about this wonderful experience of birth!

Meal Prep & Planning

What better way than to have your meals ready to go prior to birth! This will allow for less stress in meal prep and planning and more time for your new babe and family! We will go over your diet and what everyone loves in your household, make a grocery list, go through recipe ideas and choose what you would like to do, and then we PREP!..We focus on freezer meals and crock-pot meals.

Labor and Birth

Even after taking prenatal classes, reading the birthing books and doing the hospital tour you may not feel fully prepared for birth. I will be there to remind you of all of the coping practices you’ve learned, suggest labour support to partner(s) or support people that is most appropriate for your current stage of labour and remember all of those little details about when to call your midwife/ go to the hospital/ and most importantly what is on your birth plan. I will provide you with evidence-based comfort measures and support. Having a Doula has proven to keep moms calmer and relaxed as they have obtained trust with you and your family. I will be by your side during labor and birth as well as stay up to two hours postpartum to be sure (if you choose too) that baby is breastfeeding nicely and that you are happy and healthy.


I will provide you support in your home up to six weeks postpartum making sure you and your family are settled in on this new journey. Whether this is your first or your fourth baby, it is a time of tremendous change. As a postpartum doula, I will provide care to you, the family, and your new babe. I will provide you with evidence-based support and resources to help the postpartum recovery run smoothly for you and your family. I will provide your family with warm, nurturing, and caring support to help you feel comfortable during what can be an overwhelming, exhausting, and vulnerable time.

I can provide you resources and evidence-based information on postpartum questions you may have thereby increasing your confidence in caring for your newborn. I will provide breast-feeding support and help provide resources for breastfeeding concerns. Help prepare infant formula, wash and sterilize bottles and assist in feeding your baby. I can take care of your baby while you shower, nap or spend quality time with your older children or partner. Bath or change your baby. Provide you support with other siblings to allow you to spend time with your partner and newborn. Provide light housekeeping duties such as washing dishes, tidying up, washing laundry, sweeping and cooking meals. I can do some grocery shopping if you need assistance with that. I also can provide emotional support and encouragement to help prevent postpartum depression

Virtual Support

Virtual support is just that; it is unlimited support via texting, phone calls, and emails prenatally and up to 8 weeks postpartum.

Extra Support

Extra support services will be dependent on your individual needs.